Dr. Lei Wang | Energy | Innovation in Publishing Award

Tsinghua University | China

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Early Academic Pursuits

Lei Wang embarked on his academic journey, earning a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Yangtze University in 2015. He furthered his studies, completing a Master's degree at Hubei University of Technology in 2019 and earning his Ph.D. from Wuhan University in Electrical Engineering in 2023.

Professional Endeavors

Lei Wang delved into the realm of academia, contributing significantly to various research projects. His roles included postdoctoral research at Tsinghua University, focusing on machine learning applications in battery prognostics and health management. He demonstrated his expertise in anomaly detection, safety assessment, and predictive modeling for battery systems.

Contributions and Research Focus

Lei Wang made substantial contributions to the "Power IoTs" project, focusing on deep reinforcement learning for adaptive uncertainty economic dispatch in power systems. His innovative models addressed the complexities of economic dispatch, showcasing adaptability to uncertain conditions, particularly in renewable energy integration scenarios.

Accolades and Recognition

Lei Wang received recognition for his pivotal role in developing a deep reinforcement learning-based approach, enhancing economic dispatch in power systems. His work contributed to grid reliability and efficiency, demonstrating practical applicability in real-world scenarios, particularly in Tianjin's Binhai New Area.

Impact and Influence

Lei Wang's research has left a lasting impact on the field, advancing the understanding of power system optimization. His work not only contributes to academic knowledge but also has practical implications for improving the efficiency and reliability of power delivery and consumption.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Lei Wang's legacy includes pioneering work in machine learning applications for battery systems and economic dispatch in power systems. Looking ahead, his expertise in artificial intelligence, spatiotemporal correlation modeling, and power equipment diagnosis positions him as a key contributor to the evolving landscape of energy research. As an emerging leader in the field, Lei Wang is poised to continue making groundbreaking contributions to the energy sector.

Notable Publications

An Unsupervised Approach to Wind Turbine Blade Icing Detection Based on Beta Variational Graph Attention Autoencoder 2023

Wind turbine blade icing risk assessment considering power output predictions based on SCSO-IFCM clustering algorithm 2024

A novel approach to ultra-short-term multi-step wind power predictions based on encoder–decoder architecture in natural language processing 2022 (18)

M2STAN: Multi-modal multi-task spatiotemporal attention network for multi-location ultra-short-term wind power multi-step predictions 2022 (22)

M2TNet: Multi-modal multi-task Transformer network for ultra-short-term wind power multi-step forecasting 2022 (19)




Lei Wang | Energy | Innovation in Publishing Award

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