Mr. Tomas Yeheyis Ferede | Nursing and Health Professions | Editorial Board Member

Hawassa University | Ethiopia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Tomas Yeheyis Ferede embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Jimma University in 2010, showcasing his early dedication to healthcare. Subsequently, he pursued a Master's degree in Pediatrics Health Nursing at Addis Ababa University, where his commitment to the field earned him a remarkable grade of 96.5%. His Master's thesis, "Timely Initiation of Complementary Feeding and Associated Factors among Children Aged 6 to 12 Months in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, 2015," demonstrated his focus on vital healthcare issues.

Professional Endeavors

Tomas has been involved in various training programs, gaining expertise in hospital nursing care, sexually transmitted diseases, counseling, instructional skills, and language proficiency. He has consistently updated his knowledge through programs on data analysis tools, leadership, management, and immunization. His diverse training background reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and a holistic approach to healthcare.

Contributions and Research Focus

With over four years of experience in academia, Tomas's current role as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Child Health Nursing at Hawassa University exemplifies his dedication to education and research. He has contributed significantly to neonatal health, growth monitoring, feeding protocols, and systematic review methodologies. Tomas has also engaged in grant writing, reflecting a commitment to advancing research in his field.

Accolades and Recognition

Tomas's academic achievements, including high grades in his Master's program, showcase his commitment to excellence. His active participation in training programs, coupled with his contributions to neonatal health, has likely earned recognition within the academic and healthcare communities.

Impact and Influence

As an Assistant Professor, Tomas influences the next generation of healthcare professionals by imparting knowledge, mentoring students during clinical sessions, and supervising research projects. His multifaceted training, including leadership and management skills, positions him as a well-rounded educator contributing to the holistic development of his students.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Tomas's legacy lies in his dedication to advancing healthcare through education and research. His current role, coupled with continuous learning and engagement in diverse areas, sets the stage for impactful future contributions. Whether through mentoring, research, or grant proposals, Tomas is poised to leave a lasting mark on pediatric and child health nursing.

Notable Publications

Utilization of cervical cancer screening service among female health workforces in public health institutions in south east Ethiopia, a cross-sectional study 2024

Determinants of unmet physical and psychological supportive care needs among adult cancer patients in Southern Ethiopia 2023

The magnitude of precancerous cervical lesions and its associated factors among women screened for cervical cancer at a referral center in southern Ethiopia, 2021: a cross-sectional study 2023 (1)



Tomas Yeheyis Ferede | Nursing and Health Professions | Editorial Board Member

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