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Early Academic Pursuits

Ms. Yanqiu Song's academic journey is distinguished by her commitment to economics and regional development. She began her higher education at Northeastern University, earning a Bachelor's degree in International Economics and Trade. Her undergraduate thesis was an empirical study on the impact of Northeast China's opening to the outside world on economic development. She then pursued a Master's degree in Regional Economics at the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC, where she completed her thesis on the optimal allocation of state-owned assets based on high-quality regional development. Currently, she is a PhD student in Defense Economics at the Central University of Finance and Economics, where her coursework includes Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, and Advanced Econometrics.

Professional Endeavors

Ms. Song has gained valuable professional experience through various roles, enhancing her practical knowledge and research skills:

* Project Participant at the Institute of Defense Economics and Management, CUFE (2021.11-2023.05): She contributed to research on the role of gold in terrorism, which resulted in a publication in Resources Policy.

* Government Affairs Intern at Beijing Chaoyang International Technology Innovation Service Co., LTD (2021.04-2021.06): She worked on the "Urban Economic Brain" exhibition plan, collaborating with the Beijing Chaoyang District Development and Reform Commission.

* Research Assistant at China Construction Fangcheng Investment & Development Group Co., LTD (2019.11-2020.09): She was involved in benchmarking research of smart cities, leading to a publication on smart city construction.

  • Student Assistant at the China Academy of Northeast Revitalization, NEU (2016.11-2017.06): She participated in a project evaluating the revitalization of the Northeast Old Industrial Base, contributing to the 2016 evaluation report.

Contributions and Research Focus

Ms. Song's research interests are broad and impactful, encompassing defense economics, regional development, and smart cities. Her significant contributions include:

* Publications: She has published papers on the role of gold in terrorism and smart city construction. Her work is supported by grants such as the     "Interdisciplinary of Strategic Economy and Military Integration" of Advanced Disciplines in Beijing Higher Education.

* Research Projects: She has actively contributed to various research projects, including those focusing on urban economic systems and smart city benchmarks.

Accolades and Recognition

Ms. Song's academic and professional achievements have been recognized through multiple awards and honors, reflecting her dedication and excellence:

* Excellent Graduate Student: Recognized by the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC in 2021.

* First Prize of Academic Scholarship: Awarded by the Party School of the Central Committee of CPC in 2018.

Impact and Influence

Ms. Song's work has had a significant impact on the fields of defense economics and regional development. Her research on the economic impacts of terrorism and smart city development has provided valuable insights and influenced policy discussions. Her interdisciplinary approach bridges theoretical and practical applications, enhancing the understanding of complex economic issues.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Ms. Yanqiu Song's legacy is marked by her rigorous research and contributions to economics. As she continues her PhD studies and professional endeavors, she is poised to make further impactful contributions. Her future work is expected to advance the fields of defense economics and regional development, driving innovation and providing actionable insights for policymakers and scholars alike.


Notable Publications

The role of gold in terrorism: Risk aversion or financing source? 2024



Yanqiu Song | Economics, Econometrics and Finance | Best Researcher Award