Assoc Prof Dr. Quandong Huang | Physics and Astronomy | Best Researcher Award

Guangdong University of Technology | China

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Early Academic Pursuits

Quandong Huang embarked on his academic journey at Shenzhen University, earning a bachelor's degree in Light Information Sci.&Tech. His passion for optics led him to pursue a master's degree in Optics and later a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from the City University of Hong Kong. Notably, his doctoral research under the guidance of Prof. K. S. Chiang focused on pioneering 3D optical lightwave circuits for mode division multiplexing applications.

Professional Endeavors

Following his Ph.D., Quandong contributed significantly as a Senior Research Assistant at CityU Research Centre on Optical Fibre Sensing and Communications. During this time, he enhanced the transfer of 2D materials, leading to a publication in the esteemed journal Optica. His subsequent roles included Associate Professor at Guangdong University of Technology, showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field.

Contributions and Research Focus

Quandong's research interests span diverse areas, including 2D material optical devices, integrated optical waveguide devices, and micro-nano electro-optics devices. His expertise encompasses optical design, simulation, micro-fabrication processes in cleanrooms, and optical measurement. Key contributions include the development of integrated equipment condition models and pioneering work on 2D material in photonic lightwave circuits.

Accolades and Recognition

Quandong Huang's contributions have garnered recognition, with over 30 publications in prestigious journals such as Optica, Journal of Lightwave Technology, and Optics Letters. As a testament to his impact, he serves as a reviewer for international journals, further solidifying his standing in the academic community.

Impact and Influence

His impact extends beyond academia, demonstrated through projects like NFSC, UGC HK funding, and membership in OSA. Quandong's teaching roles underscore his commitment to knowledge dissemination, covering courses in Information Science, Electronic Engineering, and Automatic Detection Technology.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Quandong Huang's legacy lies in pioneering advancements in optical technology. His work not only contributes to the current understanding of 2D material-based devices and integrated photonic circuits but also lays the groundwork for future breakthroughs. As he continues his research at Guangdong University of Technology, his future contributions are poised to shape the landscape of optical engineering and technology.

Notable Publications

Mode-insensitive 3-dB power splitter based on multimode-interference coupler 2023 (2)

Reconfigurable ultra-broadband mode converter based on a two-mode fiber with pressure-loaded phase-shifted long-period alloyed waveguide grating 2023 (3)

Ultra-broadband LP11 mode converter with high purity based on long-period fiber grating and an integrated Y-junction 2022 (5)

Low-power all-optical switch based on a graphene-buried polymer waveguide Mach-Zehnder interferometer 2022 (6)

Ambient refractive index-independent bending vector sensor based on seven-core photonic crystal fiber using lateral offset splicing 2013 (95)



Quandong Huang | Physics and Astronomy | Best Researcher Award

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