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Early Academic Pursuits

Ms. Luanying Li embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in "The Art of Announcing and Anchoring Broadcasting and TV" from Liaoning University in China. Her impressive academic performance, ranking first in her class with an overall grade of 90.72/100, laid the foundation for her subsequent achievements in the field of communication and media arts.

Professional Endeavors

With a Master's degree in Media Arts from Communication University of China and a subsequent Master's in International Television Industries from Royal Holloway, University of London, Ms. Luanying Li demonstrated a global perspective and comprehensive understanding of media arts and culture. Her academic pursuits extended to Stanford University, where she participated in the China Future Creative Class exchange program, showcasing her commitment to interdisciplinary learning.

Contributions and Research Focus

Ms. Luanying Li has made significant contributions to the field of communication through her research on topics such as "Multimodal Social Semiotics," "Journalism and Communication," "Social Media," and "Live Streaming Studies." Her publications, including articles on the impact of COVID-19 on online help-seeking posts and a comparative analysis of Chinese and American economic news discourse, reflect her expertise in critical discourse analysis and media culture studies.

Accolades and Recognition

Acknowledging her scholarly achievements, Ms. Luanying Li received the prestigious "Second-Class Scholarship" and "First-Class Scholarship" from Communication University of China. Her participation in academic conferences, including presentations in Australia and Thailand, highlights her recognition in the international academic community.

Impact and Influence

Ms. Luanying Li's research on male beauty vloggers on Chinese social media and her exploration of economic news discourses showcase her commitment to understanding and influencing media trends. Her role as an Editorial Board Member demonstrates her active engagement in shaping the discourse and direction of academic publications.

Legacy and Future Contributions

With a rich background in media arts, communication, and cultural studies, Ms. Luanying Li has laid the groundwork for a promising academic career. Her involvement in major research projects and international forums positions her as a thought leader in the evolving landscape of media and communication. As she continues her Ph.D. studies at the University of Macau, her legacy is likely to include further impactful research and contributions to the academic community.

Notable Publications

Contrasting semantic and sentimental features between Chinese and American economic news discourse in the epidemic era: A corpus-based critical discourse analysis 2023 (1)

What We Ask about When We Ask about Quarantine? Content and Sentiment Analysis on Online Help-Seeking Posts during COVID-19 on a Q&A Platform in China 2022




Luanying Li | Social Sciences | Editorial Board Member

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