Esraa Elmarakby | Best Researcher Award - Award Winner 2023

Esraa Elmarakby | Environmental Science

Esraa Elmarakby, congratulations on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award! Your dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to advancing the understanding of environmentally smart Transit-Oriented Development are truly commendable. This recognition not only celebrates your remarkable achievements but also acknowledges the depth of your research contributions to shaping sustainable urban landscapes. Your relentless pursuit of knowledge and innovative approaches undoubtedly sets a benchmark for excellence in academia and inspires us all to reach greater heights in research and scholarly endeavors.

Esraa, your relentless pursuit of knowledge and groundbreaking research in exploring the intricate relationship between urban development and environmental sustainability is nothing short of exceptional. Your commitment to unraveling the complexities of Urban Heat Islands and non-exhaust emissions within Transit-Oriented Developments is not just commendable—it's pioneering. This award stands as a testament to your profound impact on academia and your invaluable contributions to the field. Your passion, diligence, and vision for a more sustainable future resonate deeply, and your achievements serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring researchers worldwide. Congratulations on this well-deserved honor!

Early Academic Pursuits

Esraa Elmarakby embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's in Urban Planning and Design from Ain Shams University, Egypt. Her pursuit continued with a Master's degree focusing on the Urban Heat Island Phenomenon in Cairo's residential areas, emphasizing morphological impacts.

Professional Endeavors

She transitioned into the realm of remote sensing, acquiring a Diploma as a Certified Remote Sensing Specialist and delving into various certifications such as Remote Sensing Specialist, Professional, and Solution Developer.

Contributions and Research Focus

Esraa's research predominantly centers on the intersection of urban development and environmental sustainability. Her published works explore the impact of urban morphology on Urban Heat Islands (UHI) and non-exhaust emissions (NEE) in transit-oriented developments, showcasing her expertise in climate change, spatial analysis, and environmental impact assessment.

Accolades and Recognition

Her achievements include winning the UOS Three-Minute Thesis competition and receiving an Associate Fellow designation from Advance Higher Education in the UK.

Notable Publication

Spatial Morphology and Urban Heat Island: Comparative Case Studies 

Workers’ Satisfaction vis-à-vis Environmental and Socio-Morphological Aspects for Sustainability and Decent Work  1 February 2022

Impact of urban morphology on Urban Heat Island in Manchester's transit-oriented development 6 December 2023

Impact and Influence

Esraa's work as a Project Officer at the University of Salford's CRUISE Project demonstrates her commitment to managing research initiatives, while her roles as a lecturer, ambassador, and vice president of the UOS's CIB Student Chapter highlight her dedication to knowledge exchange, academic facilitation, and community engagement.

Legacy and Future Contributions

With a promising trajectory, Esraa aims to complete her Ph.D., focusing on advancing environmentally smart Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). Her vision seems to be deeply rooted in merging research, practical application, and academic mentorship, poised to leave a lasting impact on the fields of urban planning and environmental sustainability.

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Esraa Elmarakby | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

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