Mr. Binega Derebe | Agricultural and Biological Sciences | Editorial Board Member

Injibara University | Ethiopia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Binega Derebe Asmare, an Ethiopian national born on September 26, 1992, embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Gondar. His commitment to environmental sciences led him to pursue a Master's degree in Wildlife Conservation and Ecotourism Management at Bahir Dar University.

Professional Endeavors

Since July 2018, Binega has been actively engaged as a Lecturer and Researcher at Injibara University, Ethiopia. In this role, he imparts knowledge through lectures, conducts impactful research, and serves as an academic and senior research advisor for undergraduate students.

Contributions and Research Focus

Binega's research contributions span diverse areas, with a particular emphasis on wildlife conservation, biodiversity, and ecotourism. His publications showcase a keen interest in avifauna, medium and large mammals, and the intricate relationships between human activities and wildlife.

Accolades and Recognition

His notable publications, including articles in journals like Heliyon, Anthropocene Science, PLoS ONE, and the International Journal of Zoology, demonstrate Binega's scholarly impact. His work on species diversity, mammal populations, and human-wildlife conflict has garnered attention and recognition.

Impact and Influence

Binega's research outputs contribute significantly to the scientific understanding of Ethiopia's ecosystems. By exploring the diversity, abundance, and habitat associations of various species, he enriches the knowledge base in wildlife management and conservation.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Binega Derebe Asmare's legacy lies in his dedication to advancing environmental sciences and wildlife conservation in Ethiopia. His ongoing role as a Lecturer and Researcher positions him to continue inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards. As he expands his research horizons, his future contributions are poised to further shape sustainable practices in biodiversity conservation and ecotourism.

Notable Publications

Species diversity, relative abundance, and distribution of avifauna in different habitats within Lewi Mountain, Awi zone, Ethiopia 2023 (1)

Composition, Relative Abundance, and Diversity of Medium and Large Mammals in Tirba Lake Awi Zone, Ethiopia 2023

Population status of the Hamadryas baboon in and around Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP), Ethiopia 2023


Binega Derebe | Agricultural and Biological Sciences | Editorial Board Member

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