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Early Academic Pursuits

Mr. Soham Ghosh began his academic journey with a strong foundation in electronics and communication. He completed his secondary education from the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE) in 2013 with a commendable score of 89.28%. His higher secondary education was pursued under the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE), where he achieved an impressive 92.8% in 2015. Mr. Ghosh then earned his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (formerly WBUT) in 2019, graduating with a CGPA of 9.37 out of 10. His academic excellence continued as he pursued a Master of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Jadavpur University, where he achieved a CGPA of 9.89 out of 10 in 2022. Currently, he is a Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) candidate at Jadavpur University, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to advancing his knowledge and expertise in the field.

Professional Endeavors

Mr. Soham Ghosh has built a notable career in the field of electronics and communication engineering, with a particular focus on antenna design. He has delved into specialized areas such as microstrip antenna design, implantable and wearable antennas, and the development of phantom liquids. His professional appointments and research activities are marked by his association with Jadavpur University, where he is currently pursuing his PhD. His work in antenna design has led to several high-impact publications and presentations at international conferences.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mr. Ghosh’s research primarily focuses on advanced antenna design and wireless communication. His areas of interest include:

* Microstrip Antenna Design

* Implantable and Wearable Antennas

* Phantom Liquid Development

* Artificial Neural Networks

* Wireless Communication

* Terahertz Antenna Design

He has made significant contributions through his research, such as the development of meander-lined implantable antennas for medical applications and the analysis of muscle-implanted antenna performance. His research on dual-band slot-loaded hexagonal patch antennas and semi-circular ring slotted circular patch antennas has implications for 5G technology, showcasing his ability to address contemporary challenges in wireless communication.

Accolades and Recognition

Mr. Ghosh’s dedication and expertise have been recognized through his numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and his presentations at international conferences. His notable publications include:

* “Meander-Lined Implantable Antenna Design at 2.45 GHz Using Transmission Line Model” in the IETE Journal of Research.

* “Analysis of Muscle Implanted Antenna Performance with the Variation of Implantation Depth” in Frequenz.

* Contributions to IEEE conferences on dual-band and semi-circular ring slotted antennas for 5G applications.

  • These publications highlight his role in advancing the field of antenna design and his ability to contribute to cutting-edge research.

Impact and Influence

Mr. Ghosh’s research has had a substantial impact on the field of electronics and communication engineering. His work on implantable and wearable antennas is particularly influential, offering advancements in medical technology and wireless communication. His research findings are frequently cited, demonstrating the relevance and importance of his work in academic and professional circles. Moreover, his involvement in the development of phantom liquids and terahertz antennas showcases his versatility and broad influence in various subfields of electronics engineering.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Mr. Ghosh continues his PhD at Jadavpur University, his ongoing research is expected to yield further innovations in antenna design and wireless communication. His legacy will likely be defined by his contributions to the development of advanced antenna technologies and their applications in both medical and communication fields. His work sets a foundation for future researchers and engineers to build upon, ensuring that his influence will persist in the academic and professional communities.


Notable Publications

Meander-Lined Implantable Antenna Design at 2.45 GHz Using Transmission Line Model 2024

Analysis of muscle implanted antenna performance with the variation of implantation depth 2024

Dual Band Slot loaded Hexagonal Patch Antenna for 5G Applications 2024

Semi- Circular Ring slotted Circular Patch Antenna for 5G Applications 2023

Design and Performance Analysis of Defected Grounded Hexagonal Patch Antenna at 5.17 GHz 2023







Soham Ghosh | Engineering | Best Researcher Award