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Tek Gyawali | Engineering

Congratulations, Tek Gyawali, on receiving the prestigious Best Researcher Award! Your unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research has rightfully earned you this esteemed recognition. Your dedication to exploring innovative solutions and your relentless pursuit of excellence in academia are truly commendable.

Your contributions to the field of research stand as a testament to your passion and expertise. Your profound insights and impactful discoveries have not only enriched academia but also have the potential to make a lasting difference in the world. Your relentless efforts in unraveling new frontiers in your field have not gone unnoticed, and this award is a testament to your hard work, perseverance, and outstanding achievements. Here's to celebrating your remarkable accomplishments and the groundbreaking contributions you continue to make in the realm of research. Cheers to your success and the inspiration you provide to aspiring researchers worldwide!

Early Academic Pursuits:

Prof. Dr. Tek Raj Gyawali pursued his education across various institutions, demonstrating a strong foundation in Mathematics, Science, and Engineering disciplines. His educational journey began at Gandaki Boarding School in Nepal and continued with proficiency certificate studies at Amrit Science Campus in Kathmandu. Subsequently, he obtained specialized training in Chinese language from the Beijing Language Institute before pursuing Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees in Engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai and the University of Tokyo in Japan, respectively.

Professional Endeavors:

Prof. Dr. Gyawali's professional trajectory exhibits a rich blend of research, teaching, and managerial roles. His career commenced as a Research Engineer at Developing and Consulting Services (DCS) in Nepal. This journey expanded to managerial positions at Meada Corporation in Japan, where he served as a Manager and later as the Country Representative for Nepal. He further contributed to academia as a Professor and Faculty Member at various engineering colleges and universities in Nepal, specializing in Civil Engineering.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Throughout his career, Prof. Dr. Gyawali has been actively involved in a diverse array of research initiatives and projects. His research interests encompass multiple facets of concrete technology, continuous mixer development, material engineering, and seismic-resistant construction methodologies. He has contributed significantly to the development of innovative concrete mixing systems, lightweight concrete formulations, mortar technologies, and eco-friendly construction materials.

Short Courses Attended:

Prof. Dr. Gyawali participated in numerous short courses and seminars worldwide, focusing on concrete technology, structural engineering, construction management, and disaster management. These engagements across various countries like Japan, China, the UK, Spain, Poland, and more reflect his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

Impact and Influence:

His contributions to academia, research, and the engineering field are exemplified through a prolific publication record comprising theses, research papers, seminar proceedings, journal articles, and research reports. Prof. Dr. Gyawali's work has notably focused on improving concrete mixing techniques, developing innovative construction materials, and advancing seismic-resistant technologies.

Academic Cites:

His academic endeavors include guiding students' research projects, teaching various engineering subjects, supervising master's theses, and contributing to curriculum development. Additionally, he has served as a committee member for academic program planning, curriculum design, and research proposal evaluations.


Prof. Dr. Gyawali's extensive experience spans structural analysis, material science, concrete technology, and disaster management. He's been involved in consulting, technical advisory roles, project management, and research collaborations in notable projects such as the Three Gorges Project in China and various academic collaborations in Japan, the UK, and other countries.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Prof. Dr. Gyawali's legacy lies in his multifaceted contributions to academia, innovative research in concrete technology, seismic-resistant construction methodologies, and his commitment to educating future engineers. His work continues to inspire advancements in the field of civil engineering, and he remains dedicated to fostering sustainable, eco-friendly construction practices for the future.

Notable Publication

Use of high ductile mortar mixing method for the enhancement of flexural fracture behaviour of steel filler mortar  2 June 2023

Effect of the mixing procedure on the properties of lightweight EPS mortar  1 June 2023,

Effect of sand types and mixing procedures on the flexural behaviour of the high ductile mortar in monotonic and cyclic loadings   3 March 2023

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Tek Gyawali | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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