Helena Calado | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Helena Calado | Environmental Science | University of the Azores

Helena Calado | Environmental Science

Early Academic Pursuits

Helena Calado's academic journey began at the University of the Azores, where she displayed an early passion for scholarly pursuits. She embarked on her educational path with a focused determination, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors. Her foundational years at the university shaped her commitment to academic excellence and ignited her curiosity in a specific field.

Professional Endeavors

Helena Calado's professional journey exemplifies dedication and perseverance. She ventured into various professional roles, leveraging her academic knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions. Her roles might include positions in research, academia, or industry, each offering a platform for her to apply her expertise and drive for advancement.

Contributions and Research Focus

Calado's contributions extend significantly within her chosen domain. Her research focus might encompass diverse areas, from environmental studies to social sciences or technology-driven research. She has likely published extensively, showcasing her expertise through papers, articles, or perhaps even authored books that have contributed to the academic discourse.

Accolades and Recognition

Helena Calado's achievements have not gone unnoticed. She might have received awards, honors, or recognitions that underscore her exceptional contributions to her field. These accolades validate her hard work and dedication, marking her as a standout figure in her area of expertise.

Impact and Influence

Her influence reverberates through her contributions. Her work has likely influenced peers, students, and professionals in the field. Whether through mentorship, collaboration, or groundbreaking research, her impact on the academic community is substantial, leaving a lasting impression on those around her.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Helena Calado's legacy is one of academic excellence and unwavering dedication. Her past achievements serve as a foundation for even greater contributions in the future. Her commitment to advancing knowledge and making a difference in her field will undoubtedly pave the way for future breakthroughs and inspire generations of scholars to come.

Notable Publication

A proposal for engagement in MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction: The case of Macaronesia  2023 (1)

Strategic scenarios for maritime spatial planning in an European outermost region—The case of the Azores   2022 (1)

Expert knowledge-based co-development of scenarios for maritime spatial planning in the Northeast Atlantic   2021 (5)

A multifaceted approach to building capacity for marine/maritime spatial planning based on European experience  2021 (21)

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