Ms. Ruichao Yang | Computer Science | Best Researcher Award

Hong Kong Baptist University | Hong Kong

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Early Academic Pursuits

Ruichao Yang commenced their academic journey at Jilin University, where they systematically delved into computer science courses and participated in various competitions. Notably, they secured the third prize in the 5th "Certification Cup" National College Students Mathematical Modeling Network Challenge. Their undergraduate experience laid a robust foundation in data structure, algorithm design, and analytical skills, setting the stage for their future endeavors.

Professional Endeavors

Ruichao Yang's professional journey commenced with internships and later full-time roles at Microsoft China, where they showcased their prowess in software engineering and natural language processing. They contributed significantly to projects aimed at enhancing online keyword matching systems, filtering advertisements, and improving revenue through innovative approaches. Their expertise in programming languages, data structures, and algorithms proved instrumental in restructuring and optimizing advertising business systems.

Contributions and Research Focus

Ruichao Yang's academic background, coupled with their industry experience, fueled their research focus on improving the efficiency of computing systems, particularly cache optimization and deep learning network acceleration. Their contributions to building domain knowledge graphs and anomaly detection models underscore their commitment to advancing technology's practical applications, particularly in the realm of advertising and revenue optimization.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout their academic and professional journey, Ruichao Yang garnered numerous accolades and awards, including academic scholarships, merit distinctions, and recognition for their leadership and volunteerism. Their consistent pursuit of excellence and dedication to their field have been acknowledged both within academia and the industry.

Impact and Influence

Ruichao Yang's work at Microsoft China and academic research endeavors have left a significant impact on the domains of software engineering and computer science. Their innovative approaches to problem-solving and contributions to optimizing advertising systems have not only enhanced user experiences but also contributed to revenue growth and operational efficiency.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Ruichao Yang continues to navigate their career path, their legacy lies in their contributions to advancing technology's frontiers, particularly in software engineering, natural language processing, and computational optimization. Their future contributions are poised to further propel innovation, shape industry standards, and inspire the next generation of computer scientists and engineers.

Notable Publications

  • CoTea: Collaborative teaching for low-resource named entity recognition with a divide-and-conquer strategy 2024
  • Towards low-resource rumor detection: Unified contrastive transfer with propagation structure 2024
  • Reinforcement Subgraph Reasoning for Fake News Detection 2022 (29)

    A Weakly Supervised Propagation Model for Rumor Verification and Stance Detection with Multiple Instance Learning 2022 (20)

    Towards Fine-Grained Reasoning for Fake News Detection 2022 (35)




Ruichao Yang | Computer Science | Best Researcher Award

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