Dr. Chuntong Li | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Shanghai Jiao Tong University | China

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Early Academic Pursuits

Chuntong Li, born in 1988, embarked on his academic journey as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His commitment to excellence led him to engage in groundbreaking projects such as the High-tech Ship Research Projects Sponsored by MIIT and the KSHIP-II project.

Professional Endeavors

With a keen interest in intelligent design and dynamic analysis, Chuntong has made significant contributions to the field of ships and offshore structural optimization. He actively participated in the development of a Knowledge-based Ship Design Hyper-Integrated Platform, showcasing his dedication to advancing maritime technology.

Research Focus

Chuntong's research spans nonlinear dynamics, ultimate strength, virtual-real fusion, human factors engineering, and inverse finite element analysis. His recent work includes exploring the coupling effect of lashing bridges and ship structures, dynamic responses of container stacks, and applications of virtual and augmented reality in ship structure design.

Accolades and Recognition

Chuntong Li has received accolades for his outstanding contributions, including his role in the KSHIP-II project. His research on structural intelligent design and dynamic response has garnered recognition in esteemed journals, marking his impact on the maritime engineering community.

Impact and Influence

Chuntong's research on multi-objective optimization of lashing bridge structures, coupling effects, and virtual reality applications has influenced the industry's approaches to lightweight, statics, and dynamics optimization. His work has practical implications for manufacturing, ergonomics, and safety standards.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Chuntong Li's legacy lies in his pioneering work in the dynamic analysis of ships and innovative structural design. His proposed similarity criteria and design methods for distorted scale models showcase his commitment to advancing the field. As he continues to delve into ultimate compressive strength and virtual-real fusion, Chuntong is poised to leave a lasting impact on maritime engineering, setting the stage for future breakthroughs.

Notable Publications

Real-Time Digital Twin of Ship Structure Deformation Field Based on Inverse Finite Element 2024

An unified CAD/CAE/VR tool for ship structure design and evaluation based on multi-domain feature mapping 2023 (2)

The dynamic ultimate strength of stiffened panels under axial impact loading 2022 (2)

Investigations on visualization and interaction of ship structure multidisciplinary finite element analysis data for virtual environment 2022 (3)

A unified similarity criterion and design method for geometrically distorted scale models of thin-walled hull girder structures 2022 (2)



Chuntong Li | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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