Prof. Omirserik Baigenzhenov | Chemical Engineering | Best Paper Award

Satbayev University | Kazakhstan

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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof. Omirserik Baigenzhenov commenced his academic journey by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgy in 2009 at Kazakh National Research Technical University in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He continued his educational pursuits with a Master of Science in Metallurgy in 2011 and subsequently earned his Ph.D. in Metallurgy in 2014 from the same institution.

Professional Endeavors

With a focus on advancing his expertise in metallurgical science, Prof. Baigenzhenov engaged in various roles and responsibilities. He served as an Engineer, Junior Researcher, and Senior Researcher at RSE «National Center on complex processing of mineral raw materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan». Additionally, he contributed to academia as an assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer, assistant professor, and associated professor at Satbayev University.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof. Baigenzhenov's research endeavors center around several key areas within metallurgical science. His work encompasses the processing and recycling of secondary raw materials, investigating processes for handling magnesium-containing wastes, and exploring sorption and extraction recovery techniques for rare metals. Through his contributions, he aims to enhance sustainability and efficiency within the metallurgical industry.

Accolades and Recognition

Prof. Baigenzhenov's dedication to his field earned him notable recognition, including a state scholarship for young scientists awarded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2015-2016. Moreover, his participation in qualification improvement courses, such as internships and seminars, demonstrates his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Impact and Influence

His research outcomes and academic contributions have had a significant impact on the metallurgical field, particularly in addressing environmental concerns, optimizing resource utilization, and advancing technological processes. Prof. Baigenzhenov's work serves as a foundation for further advancements in metallurgy, shaping industry practices and academic discourse.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Prof. Baigenzhenov continues his scholarly journey, his legacy lies in the innovative solutions he offers to complex challenges in metallurgical science. Through ongoing research, education, and mentorship, he aims to inspire future generations of metallurgists and contribute to the sustainable evolution of the industry, leaving a lasting imprint on both academia and practice.

Notable Publications

Adsorption performance of Enterobacter cloacae towards U(VI) ion and application of Enterobacter cloacae/carbon nanotubes to preconcentration and determination of low-levels of U(VI) in water samples 2023 (15)

Sorption of Pb2+ and Zn2+ions on Zr-Ca-Mg phosphates: Kinetics and mechanism studies 2023 (1)

Deep insights into kinetics, optimization and thermodynamic estimates of methylene blue adsorption from aqueous solution onto coffee husk (Coffee arabica) activated carbon 2023 (4)

Adsorptive removal of acid blue dye 113 using three agricultural waste biomasses: The possibility of valorization by activation and carbonization – A comparative analysis 2023 (3)

Use of Chrysosporium/carbon nanotubes for preconcentration of ultra-trace cadmium levels from various samples after extensive studies on its adsorption properties 2023 (8)

Agricultural waste biomass for sustainable bioenergy production: Feedstock, characterization and pre-treatment methodologies 2023 (16)



Omirserik Baigenzhenov | Chemical Engineering | Best Paper Award

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