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Jimma University | Ethiopia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Fekede Sileshi Fufa embarked on his academic journey by obtaining a BA Degree in History and Heritage Management from Wollega University. Building on this foundation, he pursued an MA Degree in History and Heritage Management at Jimma University. Currently, Fekede is dedicated to advancing his scholarly pursuits as a PhD Candidate in History Education at Jimma University.

Professional Endeavors

From 2007 to 2015, Fekede contributed to the field of education by teaching History at various institutions, including Limmu Preparatory School. Transitioning to a lecturer role, he served at Adola Teachers College, Fitche Teachers College, and Sebeta Special Needs Teachers' College from 2015 to 2020. Since 2021, he has been actively engaged in his PhD studies, demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and academic excellence.

Contributions and Research Focus

Beyond teaching, Fekede has made noteworthy contributions to academia. While holding a lecturer position, he authored and published five articles in international journals, showcasing his dedication to research and knowledge dissemination. His research focus lies in the realm of History Education, reflecting a passion for enhancing the understanding and pedagogy of historical subjects.

Accolades and Recognition

Fekede's commitment to quality education is evident in his participation in various training programs, including the School Improvement Program Training, Continuous Professional Development, and Civic and Ethical Education training. His active involvement as a coordinator in the Developmental Team Training Program and the role of Practicum Coordinator at Sebeta College of Teachers Education underline his recognized leadership and organizational skills.

Impact and Influence

Fekede's impact extends beyond the classroom. He played a pivotal role as a supervisor in the 2007 National Census Program and contributed significantly to the Sidama regional election as a coordinator, showcasing his commitment to civic duties and community engagement.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Fekede's legacy is marked by his dedication to education, research, and community service. As a PhD Candidate, his future contributions are poised to further enrich the field of History Education. Through a blend of teaching, research, and community involvement, he aims to leave a lasting imprint on the academic landscape and the communities he serves.

Notable Publications

Challenges of the Ethiopian education system from 1908 to 1990s. A historical analysis 2023

Changes and continuities in Ethiopian secondary school history education curriculum 2023

Examining the challenges of using student-centred teaching strategies in secondary schools: A qualitative approach 2023 (1)



Fekede Sileshi | Social Sciences | Editorial Board Member

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