Mr. Jairus Nandwa | Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology | Best Researcher Award

Hebrew University of Jerusalem | Israel

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mr. Jairus Nandwa embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology from The Technical University of Mombasa, Kenya. He further pursued a Master of Science in Biosciences at COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Genetics at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on circular RNAs, SNORDS, and miRNAs in cancer under the guidance of Professor Ruth Sperling.

Professional Endeavors

With a robust academic background, Mr. Nandwa engaged in various research experiences, including his role as a Graduate Student/Research Student at the Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics Lab, COMSATS University, Pakistan. He also served as a Laboratory Analyst during his BTech internship at the Regional Veterinary Investigation Laboratory, Kenya.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mr. Nandwa's research interests span non-coding RNAs in gene expression regulation, tumor microenvironment, biomarker/therapeutic discovery, DNA repair mechanisms, and biological data analysis. He has authored several publications and presented his research at esteemed conferences globally.

Accolades and Recognition

His notable publications include research on miRNA-4716–3p and its association with blood cancer pathogenesis, earning recognition in Non-Coding RNA Research. He has also received awards such as the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship and First Class Honors in BTech Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology.

Impact and Influence

Mr. Nandwa's contributions extend beyond academia, with leadership roles in cancer education initiatives and community service engagements. His research and volunteer efforts demonstrate a commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and addressing societal challenges.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Mr. Nandwa continues his doctoral studies and research pursuits, his dedication to understanding the intricacies of cancer biology and contributing to innovative solutions positions him as a promising researcher in the field of genetics. His leadership, academic achievements, and community impact foreshadow a legacy of scientific excellence and social responsibility.

Notable Publications

miR-4716–3p and the target AKT2 Gene/rs2304186 SNP are associated with blood cancer pathogenesis in Pakistani population 2024

In silico analysis of RPS4X (X-linked ribosomal protein) with active components from black seed (Nigella sativa) for potential treatment of multiple sclerosis 2024

Therapeutic capability of selected medicinal plants' bioactive constituents against the mutant ovarian TP53 gene; a computational approach 2023

Targeting allosteric sites on PDK-1 and PLK-1 with bioactive compounds from Daucus carota as a potential therapy for triple-negative breast cancer 2023




Jairus Nandwa | Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology | Best Researcher Award

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