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Pukyong National University | South Korea

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mr. Mokh Afifuddin commenced his academic journey with a Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Industrial Optimization Systems, at Yudharta University, Indonesia. This foundational phase led him to pursue a Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering, with a focus on the Development of Industrial Management Systems, at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), Indonesia, under the prestigious BPPDN scholarship by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Professional Endeavors

Mr. Afifuddin's professional career is characterized by a diverse range of roles, including teaching at high school and university levels, lecturing, and occupying leadership positions in academia. Noteworthy roles include lecturer at Yudharta University, lecturer at the Textile Industry Community Academy, Chief of Professional Certification Body (LSP) P1 at AK-Textile and data analyzing staff at the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mr. Afifuddin's research contributions span various domains of industrial engineering and management, with a focus on performance measurement systems, factory layout optimization, occupational health and safety procedures, and textile engineering. His publications and research endeavors elucidate innovative approaches to enhance production efficiency, mitigate workplace hazards, and optimize industrial processes.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Mr. Afifuddin has received notable recognition and grants, including the BPPDN full scholarship for his master's degree, the "Spirit" research grant from the Ministry of Industry, Indonesia, and publications in esteemed journals such as the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Impact and Influence

Mr. Afifuddin's research and professional contributions have made a significant impact on the fields of industrial engineering, textile engineering, and occupational health and safety procedures. His work addresses critical challenges faced by industries, offering practical solutions to enhance productivity, safety standards, and operational efficiency.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Mr. Afifuddin's legacy lies in his dedication to advancing industrial engineering practices and shaping the future of textile engineering. His research initiatives and leadership roles within professional associations pave the way for the next generation of industrial engineers, ensuring sustainable development and continuous improvement in industrial processes and workplace safety standards.

Notable Publications

Predictive modeling for technology convergence: A patent data-driven approach through technology topic networks 2024


A Supervised Learning-Based Approach to Anticipating Potential Technology Convergence 2022 (4)


Mokh Afifuddin | Engineering | Best Student Research Project

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