Assist Prof Dr . Zohour Rashwan | Nursing and Health Professions | Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits

Zohour Ibrahim Mahmoud Rashwan embarked on her academic journey with a profound interest in pediatric and neonatal nursing. Her Master's thesis focused on maternal knowledge and practices concerning oral medication administration to young children, showcasing an early dedication to improving healthcare practices for children.

Professional Endeavors

Transitioning into her doctoral studies, Zohour delved deeper into the critical realm of neonatal care, specifically exploring the impact of endotracheal tube care protocols on complications in mechanically ventilated neonates. Simultaneously, she engaged as a BLS (Basic Life Support) Instructor and a Health Information System Trainer, broadening her scope in healthcare education and technology.

Contributions and Research Focus

Zohour's research primarily revolves around optimizing care protocols for neonates undergoing mechanical ventilation. Her PhD thesis, investigating the effects of endotracheal tube care protocols, highlights her commitment to mitigating complications in this vulnerable patient population. Moreover, her MSc thesis emphasizes the importance of parental education in managing childhood illnesses, addressing a crucial aspect of pediatric healthcare.

Accolades and Recognition

Her academic pursuits have earned Zohour recognition in the field, evident through her achievements in pediatric and neonatal nursing. While specifics about awards or honors may be lacking, her dedication to research and education within these specialties speaks volumes about her commitment to excellence.

Impact and Influence

Zohour's work directly impacts the healthcare landscape, particularly in neonatal and pediatric settings. By focusing on improving care protocols and parental education, she contributes to enhancing healthcare outcomes for the youngest and most vulnerable patients. Her roles as an educator and trainer further extend her influence by disseminating critical knowledge within the healthcare community.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Zohour Ibrahim Mahmoud Rashwan's legacy lies in her efforts to refine care protocols for neonates, aiming to reduce complications during mechanical ventilation. Her dedication to educating both parents and healthcare professionals reflects a holistic approach to pediatric care. Her future contributions may include continued research, advocacy for evidence-based practices, and further advancements in healthcare education and technology for neonatal and pediatric care.

Notable Publications

Psychological first aid intervention: rescue from psychological distress and improving the pre-licensure nursing students’ resilience amidst COVID-19 crisis and beyond 2023 (3)

Bundling gentle body massage along with regular position change under phototherapy among full-term neonates with hyperbilirubinemia: Is it effective? 2023 (1)

Motivation inspiring confidence: effect of scenario-based learning on self-confidence among prelicensure nursing students 2023 (1)

Assist Prof Dr . Zohour Rashwan | Nursing and Health Professions | Best Researcher Award

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