Prof Dr. Aida Sarac Hadzihalilovic | Medicine and Dentistry | Best Researcher Award

University of Sarajevo | Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Aida Sarac-Hadzihalilovic commenced her academic journey with her Medical Doctor degree in 1995 from the Medical Faculty, University of Sarajevo. Subsequently, she pursued postgraduate studies in the fundamentals of medical research, culminating in a Master of Science (MSc) degree in 2002. Her dedication led her to earn a Doctoral (PhD) degree in 2006, presenting a thesis on "Quantitative analysis of the hippocampal formation and cognitive dysfunction in posttraumatic stress disorder."

Professional Endeavors:

Starting as an Assistant Lecturer in 1996, she taught anatomy to undergraduates studying medicine, nursing, dentistry, and psychology. Her academic progression led her to positions of increasing responsibility, including Senior Assistant Lecturer (2003-2008), Assistant Professor (2008-2016), and finally, achieving the rank of Full Professor in 2021, all within the Department of Anatomy, Medical Faculty, University of Sarajevo.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Professor Sarac-Hadzihalilovic's vast expertise lies in neuroanatomy and neuroscience, specifically focusing on volumetric brain analysis through structural MRI and the neuropsychological aspects of cognitive dysfunction. She conducted in-depth research on the limbic structures' volumetric analysis, notably the hippocampal formation and amygdala complex, correlating these findings with conditions like post-traumatic stress syndrome and temporal epilepsy. Moreover, her exploration extends to medical anthropology, applying it in skull typisation based on asymmetry, length, width, cephalic index, and cranial capacity, as well as gender skull dimorphism.

Accolades and Recognition:

Her remarkable contributions are evidenced by supervising numerous diploma papers, MSc and PhD students, post-doctoral research fellows, and active involvement in national and international research projects. Professor Sarac-Hadzihalilovic's publication record spans 49 research papers in peer-reviewed international and national journals, 44 contributions to national and international congresses and symposiums, and several authored books, emphasizing the significance of the skull's anatomical-anthropological aspects.

Impact and Influence:

Professor Sarac-Hadzihalilovic's influence transcends academia. She served on scientific committees, advisory boards, editorial boards of peer-reviewed international journals, and held roles as a visiting professor at various universities. Her impact extends to involvement in prestigious EU projects like COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology, underlining her commitment to advancing research in neuroanatomy and medical anthropology.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Her legacy lies in shaping the anatomical understanding of future medical professionals. Her continuous commitment to research, publication, and academic engagement promises continued advancements in neuroanatomy, neuroscience, and medical anthropology, enriching medical education and practice for generations to come.

Notable Publications

Radiographic Assessment in the Treatment of Supracondylar Humerus Fractures in Children 2012 (19)

Blood Vessels Distribution in Body and Tail of Pancreas- A Comparative Study of Age Related Variation 2010 (11)


Bioanthropological analysis of human occipital condyles using geometric morphometric method 2020 (2)

Analysis of gender differences on pyriform aperture of human skulls using geometric morphometric method 2021 (5)



Aida Sarac Hadzihalilovic | Medicine and Dentistry | Best Researcher Award

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