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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Ahmed Emam's academic journey is marked by a deep focus on animal production and poultry science. He earned his B.Sc. in Agriculture Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, Egypt, in June 2003. This foundational education set the stage for his advanced studies. He pursued an M.Sc. in Poultry Science, with a proposed thesis titled "Effect of leptin on in vitro oocytes maturation in rabbits," at the same institution. In April 2018, Dr. Emam completed his Ph.D. in Poultry Science from Cairo University. His doctoral research, conducted in collaboration with the CIBIO Center at the Faculty of Science, Porto University in Portugal, focused on using genetic markers to compare the biodiversity among Egyptian and European rabbit breeds.

Professional Endeavors

Dr. Emam has a rich and varied professional career in the field of animal production and research. He began his career as an Agriculture Engineer from March 2005 to September 2015. He then transitioned to a research assistant role from September 2015 to April 2016, subsequently advancing to Assistant Researcher from April 2016 to April 2020. Since April 2020, he has been a researcher at the Department of Rabbit, Turkey, and Water Fowl Research at the Animal Production Research Institute (APRI), part of the Agricultural Research Center (ARC).

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Emam's research contributions are extensive and impactful. His work includes assessing genetic diversity among rabbit populations, enhancing the productive and economic efficiency of growing rabbits, and examining the rabbit breeding situation in Egypt. Notable publications include studies on genetic diversity using microsatellite markers, the productive efficiency of rabbit diets, and the origin and status of local rabbit breeds using mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis. His research often involves international collaborations, highlighting his commitment to advancing the field of animal production on a global scale.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Emam's work has garnered significant recognition. He was awarded the first prize for the best scientific poster at the 15th Scientific Conference of the Egyptian Society of Animal Production. Additionally, he received a full grant to attend the 11th World Rabbit Congress in Qingdao, China, in June 2016. These accolades underscore his contributions to the field and his standing as a respected researcher.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Emam's impact extends beyond his research to include active participation in various professional organizations. He is a member of several societies, including the Egyptian Society of Animal Production, the Egyptian Society of Poultry Science, and the Egyptian Society of Rabbits. He is also involved in national committees focused on animal genetic resources and is a founding member of associations dedicated to improving Egyptian buffalo and rabbit production.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Emam's legacy is built on his significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of animal production systems, particularly in rabbit and poultry science. His ongoing research and involvement in international projects, such as the ECOFISH project and the Cattleconikta project, position him to continue influencing the field. Future contributions are expected to further advance genetic research and sustainable practices in animal production, ensuring food security and economic stability for smallholders in Egypt and beyond.

Notable Publications

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) genetic variability of cytochrome B gene (CYTB) in three populations of native rabbits in Egypt 2024

Assessment of genetic diversity among native Algerian rabbit populations using microsatellite markers 2023

Status and origin of Egyptian local rabbits in comparison with Spanish common rabbits using mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis 2020 (8)

Rabbits Meat Production in Egypt and its Impact on Food Security, Small Holders Income and Economy 2020 (6)

Diversity assessment among native Middle Egypt rabbit populations in North Upper-Egypt province by microsatellite polymorphism 2017 (7)







Ahmed Emam | Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology | Research for community Impact Award

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