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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Moparthi Nageswara Rao embarked on his academic journey with a strong foundation in computer science. He holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from Acharya Nagarjuna University, India, followed by an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Bharatidasan University, India. Further enhancing his expertise, he pursued an M.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering from Acharya Nagarjuna University, India. Dr. Rao culminated his formal education with a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Technology from Sri Krishnadevaraya University, India, specializing in Machine Learning, Software Engineering, and Data Mining.

Professional Endeavors

Currently serving as a Professor and Deputy Head of the Department in Computer Science and Engineering at KL University, India, Dr. Moparthi Nageswara Rao boasts over 22 years of experience in both the IT industry and academia. His professional journey includes significant roles such as Project Lead in the IT industry, where he developed innovative applications and software solutions for prominent companies including Birlasoft India (P) Ltd, IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Mphasis An HP Company, and Info Plus Technologies, USA. In academia, he has held positions at Velagapudi Ramakrishna Siddhartha Engineering College and KL University, where he has been instrumental in research, teaching, and mentoring students in various computer science disciplines.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Rao's research and contributions span across several key areas in computer science, including data mining and machine learning, where he has developed models and techniques for efficient data processing and analysis; software engineering, advancing methodologies and practices in software development; and the Internet of Things (IoT), exploring the integration of IoT technologies in various applications. Additionally, he has played a pivotal role in curriculum development, designing and implementing innovative educational techniques and strategies. His research has been widely recognized, with numerous articles published in top-tier academic journals, including those indexed in SCI and Scopus.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Rao's excellence in research and teaching has been recognized through numerous awards and honors, including the Best Teacher Award (2018), Award of Excellence in Research (2020) by Novel Research Academy, and Outstanding Reviewer Awards from Inderscience, Springer, and Elsevier. Additionally, he received the One Team One Dream Award from IBM India, Spot Award from Mphasis, and Best Performer of the Month Award from Sony India. Dr. Rao has authored 43 publications, including 14 SCI-indexed and 20 Scopus-indexed articles, published two books, and holds three patents, one of which has been granted. His contributions to industrial projects include leading funded initiatives such as augmented reality applications for real estate and systems for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Rao has made a substantial impact in both the academic and industrial sectors through his dedicated efforts in student mentoring and development, guiding numerous Ph.D., M.Tech., and B.Tech. students in their academic and research pursuits. He has fostered industry collaboration, developing practical applications and solutions, such as augmented reality applications and medical diagnostic systems. Additionally, Dr. Rao has significantly contributed to academic quality and standards by actively participating in accreditation and certification duties, ensuring the institutions he is affiliated with maintain high standards of education and research.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Rao's legacy in the field of computer science is marked by his commitment to education, research, and innovation. His future contributions are anticipated to further advance the integration of technology in education and industry. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT, he is poised to continue influencing the next generation of computer scientists and engineers.


Notable Publications

A novel compression-based 2D-chaotic sine map for enhancing privacy and security of biometric identification systems 2024 (3)

Enhanced Neural Network-Based Univariate Time-Series Forecasting Model for Big Data 2024 (3)

Deep Learning-Based Mask Identification System Using ResNet Transfer Learning Architecture 2024

An Efficient Aspect-based Sentiment Classification with Hybrid Word Embeddings and CNN Framework 2024

Dual Interactive Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network optimized with arithmetic optimization algorithm-based job scheduling in cloud-based IoT 2023 (1)


Moparthi Nageswara Rao | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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