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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic was born on July 1, 1970, in Ivangrad, Montenegro. He completed his elementary and high school education in Berane, Montenegro, receiving exceptional recognition for his academic achievements. In June 1995, he graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Belgrade, specializing in Soil Conservation. His academic journey continued with postgraduate studies at the same institution, culminating in a master's degree in April 1999. Subsequently, he pursued doctoral studies at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade, focusing on Soil Conservation and physical-geographic research of the Polimlje Region in Montenegro, successfully defending his doctoral thesis in July 2011.

Professional Endeavors

Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic embarked on a distinguished career marked by diverse roles and significant contributions. He commenced his professional journey in September 1995, serving in the administration of the Municipality of Berane, Montenegro. Later, he joined the Biotechnical Institute of the University of Montenegro, where he was elected as a senior researcher in 1999. Over the years, he held various positions at esteemed institutions such as the European Commission, where he managed numerous projects in agriculture and environmental sectors. Notably, he served as the coordinator and director of the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development office for Montenegro, focusing on rural development and infrastructure enhancement.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic's research interests encompass a wide array of topics within biotechnical and geosciences, environmental protection, and project management. He has made significant contributions to soil conservation, physical geography, erosion, and sustainable agricultural practices. His innovative solutions, such as the "IntErO" model for calculating erosion intensity, have been adopted for practical use and recognized internationally. Additionally, he has mentored numerous students and actively participated in international scientific associations, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and academic collaboration.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his career, Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic has received numerous accolades and recognition for his exceptional contributions. He has been awarded prestigious honors from the University of Montenegro and international organizations, acknowledging his outstanding achievements in scientific research, education, and project management. Notably, he was recognized for his role in the development of higher education at the International Education Fair "Pathways" and received special recognition for his contributions to the scientific and research work of the University of Montenegro.

Impact and Influence

Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic's impact extends beyond academia, as evidenced by his involvement in international projects and collaborations. His work has contributed to the sustainable development of rural areas, enhancement of agricultural practices, and improvement of environmental management strategies. Through his leadership roles and innovative research, he has influenced policies and practices in Montenegro and beyond, fostering resilience, and promoting inclusive growth in rural communities.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As a respected academician and seasoned professional, Prof Dr. Velibor Spalevic's legacy is characterized by his dedication to excellence, innovation, and collaboration. His contributions to soil conservation, rural development, and environmental sustainability have laid a solid foundation for future generations of researchers and practitioners. Moving forward, he is poised to continue his impactful work, shaping the discourse on sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and rural transformation, both regionally and globally.

Notable Publications

Evaluation of tectonic activity using morphometric indices: Study of the case of Taïliloute ridge (middle-Atlas region, Morocco) 2024

The contribution of the frequency ratio model and the prediction rate for the analysis of landslide risk in the Tizi N'tichka area on the national road (RN9) linking Marrakech and Ouarzazate 2023 (7)

Impact of integrated soil fertility management practices on maize yield in Ethiopia 2023 (1)

Soil Erosion Assessment Using the Intensity of Erosion and Outflow Model by Estimating Sediment Yield: Case Study in River Basins with Different Characteristics from Cluj County, Romania 2023 (2)

Feasibility study for estimating optimal substrate parameters for sustainable green roof in Sri Lanka 2022 (7)

Velibor Spalevic | Earth and Planetary Sciences | Best Researcher Award

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