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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar's academic journey began with his M.Sc. in Physics from C.C.S. University, Meerut, where he demonstrated a strong aptitude for the subject. His pursuit of higher education led him to complete an M.Phil. in Physics, also from C.C.S. University, where he focused on the collision of electrons with Ne-atoms, delving into the intricacies of quantum mechanics. Dr. Kumar's academic prowess culminated in a Ph.D. in Physics from the same institution, specializing in the preparation and characterization of polymeric photoluminescent nanofibers, a field at the cutting edge of nanotechnology.

Professional Endeavors

Dr. Kumar boasts an extensive teaching career spanning 15 years at the undergraduate level and approximately 12 years at the postgraduate level, primarily at R. K. (PG) College, Shamli, UP. His teaching experience also includes stints at several prestigious institutions like the University of Delhi, where he served as both an ad-hoc and guest lecturer across various colleges. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Dr. Kumar has held administrative roles, including as a program officer for the National Service Scheme (NSS) at R. K. (PG) College. His research endeavors took him to the CSIR-National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in New Delhi, where he worked on advanced carbon products and metrology.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Kumar's research has significantly contributed to the field of nanomaterials, particularly in the synthesis and characterization of photoluminescent nanofibers and advanced carbon products. His expertise in electrospinning techniques for nanofiber fabrication and his work on carbon nanotubes have positioned him as a key researcher in these areas. His research interests encompass photoluminescence, polymer science, and the development of advanced nanomaterials, with a focus on scaling up processes for practical applications.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Kumar's contributions to science and education have been recognized through several prestigious awards. He was honored with the "Research Excellence Award 2023" by the Institute of Scholars (InSc), and the "C V Raman Prize 2022" by the Institute of Researchers (InRes), both under the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. Additionally, he received the "Excellent Reviewer Award 2021" from the Asian Journal of Physical and Chemical Sciences and the "Diamond Jubilee Research Intern (DJRI) Award 2007" from CSIR-NPL, New Delhi.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Kumar's influence extends beyond his research and teaching. He has actively contributed to scientific societies, holding life memberships in the Institute of Scholars, the Institute of Researchers, and the Indian Carbon Society. His involvement in the American Chemical Society further underscores his commitment to the global scientific community. Dr. Kumar has also played a pivotal role in organizing national seminars and webinars, such as the seminar on Mahatma Jyotiba Phule's role in social reform and the National Webinar on the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Kumar's legacy in the fields of nanomaterials and photoluminescence is marked by his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering educational excellence. His ongoing research and participation in faculty development programs ensure that he remains at the forefront of scientific innovation and education. As he continues to mentor the next generation of scientists and contribute to groundbreaking research, Dr. Kumar's impact on the scientific community is poised to grow, leaving a lasting imprint on both academia and industry.


Notable Publications

Investigation of elastic scattering cross-sections of electron with neon atoms 2024

Mixed phase formation of SnS-SnO2 on air-annealed thermally evaporated SnS thin films 2023

Stress-Induced Structural Phase Transition in Polystyrene/NaYF4: Eu3+ Photoluminescent Electrospun Nanofibers 2022 (5)

A facile fabrication of poly(methyl methacrylate)/ α -NaYF 4 :Eu 3 + tunable electrospun photoluminescent nanofibers 2020 (6)

High power diode laser nitriding of titanium in nitrogen gas filled simple acrylic box container: Microstructure, phase formation, hardness, dendrite and martensite solidification analyses 2020 (20)



Sanjeev Kumar | Materials Science | Best Researcher Award

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