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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Pooja Rani's academic journey began with a strong foundation in mathematics, culminating in a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a focus on "Mathematical Modeling of an Elastic and Thermoelastic Medium Due to Various Seismic Sources". Her educational qualifications include an M.Sc. in Mathematics, a B.Ed., and qualification for the NET JRF examination. Notably, she was awarded the Roll of Honor for achieving a high position in her graduation.

Professional Endeavors

With five years of teaching experience, Dr. Pooja Rani has established herself as a dedicated educator and researcher. Her professional endeavors have led her to delve into the intricate dynamics of thermoelastic materials, focusing on various theories of thermoelasticity.

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Pooja Rani's research revolves around the elastic and thermoelastic properties of materials, aiming to analyze dynamic problems within this domain. Her work encompasses the study of thermoelastic behavior in diverse geometries such as cylinders, disks, spheres, circular plates, and circular tubes. Through her research, she seeks to contribute to a deeper understanding of thermoelastic phenomena and their practical implications.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Pooja Rani's dedication and contributions to the field of mathematics have earned her recognition, including the prestigious Roll of Honor for her outstanding performance during her graduation. Additionally, her qualification for the NET JRF examination highlights her academic prowess and potential in research.

Impact and Influence

The research conducted by Dr. Pooja Rani holds significant potential for impact in both academic and practical spheres. By delving into the complex dynamics of thermoelastic materials, her work contributes to advancements in understanding material behavior under various conditions. This understanding has implications for fields such as structural engineering, seismology, and materials science.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Pooja Rani's legacy is marked by her dedication to advancing the understanding of thermoelasticity through mathematical modeling. Her research not only sheds light on fundamental principles but also lays the groundwork for practical applications in engineering and geophysics. As she continues her academic journey, her innovative contributions are poised to shape the future of research in thermoelastic materials, leaving a lasting impact on the scientific community.

Notable Publications

Thermoelastic stress analysis of a functionally graded annular rotating disc with radially varying properties 2024

Wave analysis in porous thermoelastic plate with microtemperature 2023

One Dimensional Steady Thermal Stresses in a Rotating Thick-walled Sphere made of Functionally Graded Material 2022

Pooja Rani | Mathematics | Best Researcher Award

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