Dr. Maaz Ahmad | Economics, Econometrics and Finance | Editorial Board Member

Tashkent State University of Economics | Uzbekistan

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Early Academic Pursuits

Maaz Ahmad is a dedicated and adaptable individual with a strong organizational approach and excellent communication skills. Born on April 09, 1992, in Dargai, Pakistan, he holds Pakistani nationality and currently pursues a Ph.D. in Economics with a focus on Regional Economics at Wuhan University, China.

Professional Endeavors

Maaz's academic journey includes a Master's in Economics with a specialization in Environmental Economics from Islamia College Peshawar, Pakistan. He has a diverse educational background, including a Bachelor's degree in Arts and Economics. His experiences extend to the field with teaching roles at Government Degree College Hayatabad and Post Graduate Degree College Dargai. Maaz has also worked in Allied Bank Limited, Mall Road Branch, Mardan, gaining valuable banking experience.

Contributions and Research Focus

Maaz's research focus spans various economic domains, including environmental impact investigations, consumer satisfaction in private transport services, and the impact of foreign direct investment on income inequality. He actively engages in courses related to microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics, environmental economics, econometrics, and more, showcasing his commitment to a comprehensive academic understanding.

Accolades and Recognition

Maaz Ahmad has presented research papers at international conferences, demonstrating his contribution to the academic discourse. Notable presentations include an empirical investigation of Ehrlich-Commoner environmental impact and consumer satisfaction from private transport services.

Impact and Influence

Maaz has made significant contributions to research publications, collaborating on studies related to natural resources extraction, green finance, foreign direct investment, renewable energy consumption, and economic growth. His work has been published in reputable journals, such as Resources Policy, Plos One, Energy, and more.

Legacy and Future Contributions

With an array of skills, including proficiency in back-office products like E-views, GAMS, Stata, and SPSS, Maaz Ahmad demonstrates a strong analytical capability. His commitment to research, diverse experiences, and language proficiency in English, Urdu, Pashto, and Arabic positions him for a promising legacy. In the future, Maaz aspires to continue contributing to economic research and sustainable development, leveraging his skills and experiences to address global challenges.

Notable Publication

Does eco-innovation promote cleaner energy? Analyzing the role of energy price and human capital 2022 (37)

The impact of trade, environmental degradation and governance on renewable energy consumption: Evidence from selected ASEAN countries 2022 (14) 

Natural resources extraction and green finance: Dutch disease and COP27 targets for OECD countries 2023 (8)



Maaz Ahmad | Economics, Econometrics and Finance | Editorial Board Member

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