Mrs. Faiza Mazhar Alvi | Arts and Humanities | Literary Diversity and Inclusion Award

Federal Directorate of Education Islamabad | Pakistan

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mrs. Faiza Mazhar Alvi's academic journey is marked by a deep engagement with literature and psychology. Her foundational studies in Pre-Medical during 2012-2014 at Federal Board & Punjab College for Women's Sargodha were followed by an impressive Matriculation with a 79% score in 2010-2012 at Federal Board & Allama Iqbal Grammar School Farooq Colony. Subsequently, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Urdu Literature at the University of Sargodha, achieving a notable CGPA of 3.85/4.00. Her academic pursuits culminated in an MPhil in Urdu Literature from the National University of Modern Languages, where she excelled with a CGPA of 3.97/4.00.

Professional Endeavors

Mrs. Faiza Mazhar Alvi has made significant contributions to the education sector under the Arts and Humanities domain. From November 2020 to December 2021, she served as an Instructor (Urdu) in the Punjab Agriculture Department, attaining the esteemed rank of BS-17. Currently, she holds the position of Lecturer (Urdu BS-17) at the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Trainings, Islamabad.

Contributions and Research Focus

Mrs. Alvi's research endeavors showcase her commitment to literary and psychological exploration. She has authored several research papers, delving into diverse topics such as abstractionism, surrealism, and thematic analysis of Manto's short story 'Ullu Ka Patha.' Her research contributions have been published in esteemed journals, including Webology (Iran), PalArch’s Journal of Archeology (Egypt), and the Journal of Excellence in Social Sciences (Pakistan).

Accolades and Recognition

Mrs. Faiza Mazhar Alvi's academic prowess was acknowledged with the Honors Distinction in 2018, where she received a Gold Medal for securing the First Position in B.S (Hons.) Urdu. Her intellectual achievements also extended to being recognized as a PPSC Topper in 2020.

Impact and Influence

With her expertise in teaching, paper attempting, literature introduction, and human motivation, Mrs. Alvi has made a positive impact on her students. Her research contributions contribute to the intellectual discourse in literary and psychological domains.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Mrs. Faiza Mazhar Alvi's legacy lies in her multifaceted contributions to Urdu literature, psychology, and education. Her interests and skills encompass teaching, research, Urdu article writing, creative writing, and critical analysis, positioning her as a versatile and influential figure in academia.

Notable Publications

Neo-Historic Study of Qurat-ul-ain Haider’s Novel "Akhir-e-Shab kay Humsafar" 2023

A Thematic Analysis of Manto's Short Story 'Ullu ka Patha': Exploring the Sublime Message 2023


Western and Eastern Perspectives of Feminism 2022

Literary And Psychological Background And Techniques Of Abstractionism (In The Context Of Western And Urdu Literary Criticism) 2022


Faiza Mazhar Alvi | Arts and Humanities | Literary Diversity and Inclusion Award

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