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Early Academic Pursuits

Dr. Chaojia Liu's educational journey began at the prestigious Air Force Engineering University, where he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy in Transportation Engineering from September 2021 to December 2024. His doctoral dissertation, supervised by Prof. Xiaolei Chong, focuses on the theoretical model, finite element numerical simulation, field test, and application research of soil runways. Titled "Analysis of aircraft tire load effect and wheel-soil mechanism on soil runway: theoretical and empirical research," his dissertation reflects his deep interest in transportation engineering, specifically in the dynamics of aircraft tire loads on soil runways.

Professional Endeavors

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Liu has made significant contributions to various high-impact journals, with publications that span a wide range of topics, including the mechanical properties of concrete and soil runways, advanced numerical analysis, and field investigations. His notable works include "Improved design, development and field investigation of the wheel-soil interaction measurement system under aircraft load" published in Measurement (JCR Q1, IF=5.6), "Numerical investigation of thermal parameter characteristics of the airfield runway adherent layer in permafrost region of Northeast China" in Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (JCR Q1, IF=6.8), and "Characterizing fatigue damage behaviors of concrete beam specimens in varying amplitude load" featured in Case Studies in Construction Materials (JCR Q1, IF=6.2).

Contributions and Research Focus

Dr. Liu's research primarily revolves around the mechanical and thermal behavior of materials under various conditions, focusing on soil runways, reinforced concrete, and other construction materials. His work has provided valuable insights into civil engineering and transportation infrastructure, contributing significantly to the field. He has been involved in numerous high-impact projects, including the National Natural Science Foundation Project on the coupling mechanism and model development in unsaturated loess, and the National Nature Foundation Youth Program on the reinforcement mechanism and wheel-soil model of hybrid fiber-reinforced soil runways.

Accolades and Recognition

Dr. Liu's dedication and excellence in his field have been recognized through numerous awards and honors, including the China National Scholarship (Dec 2022), First Prize in the 3rd National Airport Planning and Design Competition (Dec 2022), and Meritorious Winner in the China Civil Aviation "Chang Enjoy" Cup Airport Planning and Design Innovation and Creativity International Competition (Dec 2023). Additionally, he has received Best Paper Awards at various prestigious forums, such as the 14th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Doctoral Students Nanshan Academic Forum and the 1st "Transportation +" Interdisciplinary Academic Forum for Doctoral Students.

Impact and Influence

Dr. Liu's work has had a significant impact on the field of transportation engineering. His research on the mechanical properties of construction materials and soil runways has advanced the understanding and development of more durable and efficient infrastructure. His contributions to the National Natural Science Foundation and various key scientific research projects have further solidified his influence in the academic community.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Dr. Liu's legacy is marked by his innovative approach to solving complex engineering problems and his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. As he continues his professional journey, his future contributions are expected to further enhance the understanding of material behavior and infrastructure resilience. His ongoing research projects, such as the study on structural performance and deterioration law of soil emergency runways for Universiade aircraft, indicate a promising future filled with groundbreaking discoveries and advancements.


Notable Publications

  • Article: Improved design, development and field investigation of the wheel-soil interaction measurement system under aircraft load
    • Authors: Chaojia Liu, Xiaolei Chong, Lei Liang, Zhenglei Chen, Zihan Wang, Yan Li, Wei Liu
    • Journal: Measurement
    • Year of Publishing: 2024
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  • Article: An Airfield Area Layout Efficiency Analysis Method Based on Queuing Network and Machine Learning
    • Authors: Chen, Z., Chong, X., Liu, C., Wang, G., Tan, W.
    • Journal: Buildings
    • Year of Publishing: 2024, 14(3), 628
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  • Article: Characterizing fatigue damage behaviors of concrete beam specimens in varying amplitude load
    • Authors: Liang, L., Liu, C., Cui, Y., Wang, Z., Yao, Z.
    • Journal: Case Studies in Construction Materials
    • Year of Publishing: 2023, 19, e02305
    • Citations: 1


  • Article: Microwave heating efficiency and frost resistance of concrete modified with powder absorbing materials
    • Authors: Wang, Z., Bai, E., Ren, B., Liu, J., Huang, H.
    • Journal: Construction and Building Materials
    • Year of Publishing: 2023, 379, 131145
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  • Article: Dynamic mechanical properties of carbon fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete at different ages
    • Authors: Wang, Z., Bai, E., Huang, H., Liu, C., Wang, T.
    • Journal: Ceramics International
    • Year of Publishing: 2023, 49(1), pp. 834–846
    • Citations: 13




Chaojia Liu | Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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