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Early Academic Pursuits

Mrs. Rufina Zilberg commenced her academic journey by acquiring a degree in Chemistry from Bashkir State University in 2003. She continued her pursuit of knowledge, culminating in the attainment of a Candidate of Chemical Sciences and Docent degrees, signifying her dedication and expertise in the field.

Professional Endeavors

Currently serving as an Associate Professor at Ufa University of Science and Technology, Mrs. Zilberg has devoted herself to the Department of Analytical Chemistry. Throughout her career, she has contributed significantly to the realm of electroanalytical chemistry and chemically modified electrodes, particularly in the development of enantiosensors.

Contributions and Research Focus

With over 200 publications to her credit, including a monograph and two reviews, Mrs. Zilberg's research focuses on voltammetric sensors and multisensory systems. Her pioneering work revolves around the recognition of enantiomers of antiarrhythmic drugs and vital amino acids. She has extensively explored composite materials for sensor construction, such as polyarylene phthalides and chitosan with various additives, resulting in groundbreaking advancements in sensor technology.

Accolades and Recognition

Mrs. Zilberg's prolific research endeavors have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. Her scholarly contributions have earned her a Hirsch index of 12 in Web of Science and 21 in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Additionally, under her guidance, her students have achieved notable success in prestigious competitions, such as the UMNIK competition and the Student STARTUP.

Impact and Influence

The impact of Mrs. Zilberg's work extends beyond the academic realm. Her research findings, disseminated through esteemed journals, have not only advanced scientific knowledge but also hold promise for practical applications, particularly in pharmaceutical analysis. Her innovative approaches to sensor design and her commitment to excellence have inspired countless peers and students alike.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As Mrs. Zilberg continues her scholarly journey, her legacy is one of unwavering dedication to advancing the frontiers of analytical chemistry. Her future contributions are poised to further revolutionize sensor technology, offering novel solutions to complex analytical challenges and leaving an indelible mark on the field for generations to come.

Notable Publications

Chiral Octahedral Cobalt(III) Complex Immobilized on Carboblack C as a Novel Robust and Readily Available Enantioselective Voltammetric Sensor for the Recognition of Tryptophan Enantiomers in Real Samples 2024

A Voltammetric Sensor Based on Aluminophosphate Zeolite and a Composite of Betulinic Acid with a Chitosan Polyelectrolyte Complex for the Identification and Determination of Naproxen Enantiomers 2023 (2)





Rufina Zilberg | Chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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