Introduction: Welcome to the Literary Diversity and Inclusion Award—an emblem of excellence that celebrates authors championing diverse voices and fostering inclusion in literature. This award recognizes the power of storytelling to unite us all, transcending boundaries and amplifying a rich tapestry of perspectives.

Eligibility: Open to authors of all backgrounds and experiences, this award embraces inclusivity. There are no age limits, ensuring a platform for both emerging talents and seasoned writers. Qualification is based on a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion through impactful literary contributions.

Publications: Works in any literary genre, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and more, are eligible. The award values the spectrum of narratives that reflect the multifaceted nature of our global society.

Requirements: Recipients of the Literary Diversity and Inclusion Award are those whose writings resonate with authenticity, fostering understanding and empathy. The only requirement is a dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion through the written word.

Evaluation Criteria: Entries are assessed based on the depth of cultural exploration, the authenticity of diverse representation, and the overall impact on fostering inclusivity within the literary landscape.

Submission Guidelines: Authors can submit their work along with a comprehensive biography, abstract, and supporting files through our online portal. Detailed guidelines for file formats and submission procedures can be found on our website.

Recognition: Winners receive not only a prestigious accolade but also opportunities for increased visibility, networking, and collaboration within the literary community.

Community Impact: Beyond individual achievement, this award recognizes the profound impact literature can have on shaping a more inclusive society. Celebrate the power of words to bridge gaps and build connections.

Biography: Include a brief biography, highlighting your journey, influences, and dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in literature.

Abstract and Supporting Files: Craft a compelling abstract summarizing the essence of your work. Include supporting files that showcase the depth and significance of your contribution.

Literary Diversity and Inclusion Award

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