Introduction: Welcome to the Business Leadership in Books Award—an accolade celebrating outstanding contributions to business literature. This prestigious award recognizes thought leaders who have made a significant impact through their written work, shaping the future of business leadership.

Eligibility: Open to authors across industries, the award welcomes entries from seasoned leaders and emerging talents alike. There are no age limits, ensuring a diverse and inclusive platform for the best minds in business.

Qualifications: Candidates must have authored a book on business leadership that demonstrates innovation, insight, and a commitment to advancing the field. Published works, irrespective of the publishing platform, are eligible for consideration.

Recurrence: The award is an annual event, providing a recurring opportunity for authors to showcase their latest contributions to the evolving landscape of business leadership.

Evaluation Criteria: Entries will be evaluated based on originality, impact, and relevance. The judging panel comprises industry experts, ensuring a rigorous assessment of each submission's merit.

Submission Guidelines: Authors can submit their work along with a comprehensive biography, abstract, and supporting files adhering to the outlined guidelines on our official platform.

Recognition: Winners will receive not only the prestigious Business Leadership in Books Award but also extensive recognition across various media channels, amplifying their influence and reach.

Community Impact: The award aims to foster a community of business leaders and enthusiasts, promoting collaboration and the exchange of groundbreaking ideas.

Biography: Authors are encouraged to submit a compelling biography that highlights their journey, expertise, and the impact of their work on the business community.

Abstract and Supporting Files: A well-crafted abstract outlining the key contributions of the book, along with supplementary files, will enhance the submission's overall strength.

Business Leadership in Books Award

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