Zahraa Al-Milaji | Best Researcher Award - Award Winner 2023

Mrs. Zahraa Al-Milaji - Computer Science

Congratulation Zahraa Al-Milaji, your achievements at Southern Technical University in Iraq are nothing short of astounding. Your dedication to your studies, paired with your unwavering determination, has resulted in this incredible success. Your commitment to excellence shines brightly, illuminating the path for others to follow. Your journey through university reflects your resilience and passion for knowledge, inspiring everyone around you. This accomplishment signifies the culmination of your hard work, late nights, and relentless pursuit of academic excellence. You've made Iraq immensely proud with your outstanding accomplishments.

Your academic journey at Southern Technical University is a testament to your perseverance and intellectual prowess. Your achievements not only showcase your intelligence but also highlight your ability to overcome challenges with grace and determination. Your commitment to your education sets a remarkable example for your peers and future generations. As you celebrate this milestone, remember that your accomplishments stand as a beacon of inspiration for all who aspire to reach greater heights. Zahraa Al-Milaji, your success resonates with pride throughout Iraq, symbolizing the potential and brilliance that our nation fosters within its scholars. Congratulations on this remarkable achievement!

Zahraa, your accomplishments at Southern Technical University in Iraq reflect the culmination of your dedication, passion, and hard work. Your success serves as a testament to your exceptional abilities and unwavering commitment to your academic journey. As you stand at this pinnacle of achievement, know that your accomplishments resonate with pride across Iraq. Your perseverance and achievements shine brightly, illuminating the path for others to follow. Your dedication to your studies and your remarkable success are not only a source of pride for you but also an inspiration for your peers and the community. Congratulations on this incredible milestone, Zahraa Al-Milaji! Iraq celebrates your achievements with utmost pride and admiration.

Early Academic Pursuits and Professional Endeavors:

Zahraa began her academic journey with a Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Technology Baghdad, focusing on a broad range of subjects like information systems, web programming, AI, and database management. Excelling in her studies, she secured the top rank in her department.

Academic Growth and Specialization:

She further honed her skills by pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Missouri-Columbia, specializing in biomedical image processing. Her thesis focused on breast cancer images from histopathology images, comparing hand-crafted features with deep learning methods. This period also involved courses in computer networks, digital image compression, multimedia security, and bioinformatics.

Teaching Experience:

Zahraa's teaching journey began as a Lab Instructor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Technology Baghdad. Her expertise and dedication led her to transition to the role of Assistant Lecturer. Later, she continued her academic journey at the Southern Technical University as an Assistant Lecturer at the Control and Auto. Eng. Techniques-BETC.

Research Focus and Contributions:

Zahraa's research primarily revolves around novel AI methods, particularly in the realm of biomedical images. Her work has resulted in publications at three conferences and one Elsevier journal. She boasts an impressive citation count of 39 in Scopus, with an h-index of 2, showcasing the impact and relevance of her contributions to the field.

Skills and Expertise:

Her skill set spans various areas crucial to her field, including deep learning, image segmentation, image processing, image analysis, and proficiency in programming languages such as HTML, ASP, JavaScript, MATLAB, and Python.

Short Courses and Continuous Learning:

Though specific details about short courses attended aren't provided, Zahraa's educational journey exhibits a commitment to continuous learning, which is essential in the ever-evolving landscape of AI and computer science.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

With a strong foundation in academia, an impressive track record in research, and a commitment to teaching, Zahraa's legacy and future contributions seem promising. Her focus on biomedical imaging and AI methodologies hints at continued advancements and contributions to the field.

Zahraa Al-Milaji's work, from her academic pursuits to her contributions in research and teaching, demonstrates a passionate commitment to advancing AI methods, particularly in biomedical imaging, showcasing her as a valuable asset in the academic and scientific community.


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1-       Deep learning
2-       Image Segmentation
3-       Image Processing
4-       Image Analysis
5-       HTML, ASP, Java Script programming
6-       MATLAB Programming
7-       Python Programming



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