Introduction: Celebrate brilliance and enduring impact with the prestigious 'Lifetime Achievement Award.' This distinguished accolade recognizes individuals who have left an indelible mark on their field through sustained excellence and influential contributions.

Eligibility: Open to pioneers aged 50 and above, the award honors those with a rich history of accomplishments, a minimum of 25 years of active engagement in their profession, and notable publications.

Qualification and Recrements: Candidates must possess exceptional qualifications, demonstrating consistent dedication and significant influence in their respective domains. Recipients should have a proven track record of transformative contributions over the course of their career.

Evaluation Criteria: A distinguished panel of experts will assess candidates based on the depth and breadth of their impact, innovation, leadership, and lasting contributions to their field.

Submission Guidelines: Nominees must submit a comprehensive biography, abstract highlighting key achievements, and supporting files showcasing their legacy. Ensure all submissions adhere to the specified format and are submitted before the deadline.

Recognition: Recipients will be celebrated at a grand ceremony, receiving a trophy, certificate, and widespread recognition for their enduring contributions.

Community Impact: Beyond individual success, awardees are recognized for their positive influence on their community and the broader professional landscape.

Biography: A detailed account of the nominee's life and career, emphasizing milestones, challenges overcome, and the evolution of their impact.

Abstract and Supporting Files: Nominees must provide a succinct abstract summarizing their achievements and submit supporting files, including publications, testimonials, or any documentation highlighting their lifetime contributions.

Lifetime Achievement Award

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