In 2017, 120 University West nursing students
wrote a scientific report as an examination. Merely 30 students passed on their
first attempt and one of the identified shortcomings concerned information
literacy. In collaboration with the course coordinators, the liaison librarian
modified the course design adding new contents as well as new assignments to
create a kick start for the students who lack the information literacy required
in higher education. The module in information literacy training was extended
to provide the students with the skills needed for successful results and thus
making them better equipped for the rest of their studies, as well as for
lifelong learning. This best practice article accounts for the course
development, focusing on library instruction. Furthermore, it posits that the
principles of andragogy, student activating methods and the united effort to
meet the students where they are, have enhanced their learning process and
consequently their information literacy. In 2020 and 2021, the students who
passed the scientific report examination on their first attempt more than
doubled. Due to librarian involvement, new pedagogical approaches, and a
fruitful collaboration with course coordinators, these students’ information
literacy skills seem to have improved.

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