Introduction: Welcome to the pinnacle of recognition for innovation and excellence – the Best Extension Activity Award. This prestigious accolade celebrates outstanding contributions in extending knowledge and impacting communities positively. Now, let's delve into the key details that make this award a beacon for excellence.

Eligibility: Open to individuals of all ages, the Best Extension Activity Award is a platform that welcomes innovators and contributors from diverse backgrounds. There are no specific age limits, ensuring inclusivity in recognizing impactful extension activities.

Qualifications and Publications: Applicants are evaluated based on the quality and impact of their extension activities. No specific qualifications are required, making this award accessible to passionate individuals driving positive change. Published works related to extension activities are appreciated but not mandatory.

Requirements for Submission: Submission materials should include a comprehensive biography, an abstract of the extension activity, and supporting files showcasing the initiative's impact. The evaluation process considers the relevance and effectiveness of the extension activity.

Evaluation Criteria: Judging criteria include the innovation, community impact, and sustainability of the extension activity. A panel of experts will assess the submissions, ensuring a fair and thorough evaluation process.

Submission Guidelines: Detailed submission guidelines can be found on our official website. Ensure your application is complete and adheres to the specified format to maximize your chances of being recognized for your outstanding extension activity.

Recognition and Community Impact: Winners not only receive a prestigious award but also gain visibility for their impactful work. The Best Extension Activity Award aims to amplify the community impact of extension activities, fostering a culture of positive change and innovation.

Best Extension Activity Award

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