Mr. Md Naimur Rahman | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award

Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology | Bangladesh

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Early Academic Pursuits

Mr. Md Naimur Rahman's academic journey began with a strong foundation in science at The Millennium Stars School and College, Rangpur, followed by Notre Dame College, Dhaka, where he excelled in his Higher Secondary and Secondary School Certificate examinations. His passion for urban planning emerged during his Bachelor's and ongoing Master's studies at Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology (RUET), where he achieved top honors with a remarkable CGPA of 3.91.

Professional Endeavors

Mr. Rahman's professional career has seen significant growth. Starting as an intern at Sheltech Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd., he swiftly transitioned to an Assistant Urban Planner, contributing actively from March 2023 to January 2024. Currently, he serves as a Lecturer at RUET's Department of Urban & Regional Planning, a role that underscores his dedication to both academia and practical urban development.

Contributions and Research Focus

His research contributions focus on critical urban issues, including housing satisfaction assessments, land use dynamics impacting temperature variations, and the environmental impacts of urban expansion on carbon emissions. His studies, such as those examining urban residential satisfaction and sustainability indicators, are pivotal in shaping sustainable urban development strategies in Bangladesh.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his academic and professional journey, Mr. Rahman has garnered multiple scholarships and awards, including prestigious recognitions from the H.S.C, S.S.C, and J.S.C Board scholarships, underscoring his consistent academic excellence and commitment to urban planning research.

Impact and Influence

Through his professional engagements and academic pursuits, Mr. Rahman has made a tangible impact on urban planning practices in Bangladesh. His research outputs contribute to informed decision-making and policy formulation aimed at sustainable urban development.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, Mr. Rahman aims to further expand his research portfolio in urban and regional planning, addressing emerging challenges such as climate resilience, urban mobility, and equitable urban development. His future contributions are poised to influence urban policy and practice, shaping sustainable cities for future generations.


Notable Publications

Assessing the impact of urban expansion on carbon emission 2024

Analyzing the Pattern of Land Use Land Cover Change and its Impact on Land Surface Temperature: A Remote Sensing Approach in Mymensingh, Bangladesh 2020 (27)

An Assessment on the Housing Satisfaction of Padma Residential Area, Rajshahi 2020 (4)

Assessing Satisfaction Level of Urban Residential Area: A Comparative Study Based on Resident’s Perception in Rajshahi City, Bangladesh 2019 (11)





Md Naimur Rahman | Environmental Science | Best Researcher Award