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Early Academic Pursuits

Prof. Byunghak Choe began his distinguished academic journey at Seoul National University, Korea, where he earned his Bachelor of Science (1984), Master of Science (1986), and Ph.D. (1990) in Metallurgical Engineering. His early academic pursuits laid a solid foundation in metallurgy, focusing on the behavior of metal parts and their failure mechanisms.

Professional Endeavors

After completing his Ph.D., Prof. Choe joined the Korea Institute of Machinery and Metals (KIMM) as a Senior Researcher in the High-Temperature Materials Lab, where he worked from 1990 to 1995. In 1995, he transitioned to academia as a Professor in Advanced Metal & Materials Engineering. His tenure at Gangneung-Wonju National University has been marked by significant leadership roles, including serving as the Dean of the College of Engineering from 2018 to 2020. Additionally, he broadened his research horizons as a Visiting Scholar at Michigan Tech University, USA, from 2002 to 2003.

Contributions and Research Focus

Prof. Choe's research primarily revolves around failure analysis of metal parts and equipment. He has published more than ten research papers on this topic in the last eight years and has been involved in over ten projects in the last twelve years. His comprehensive work includes authoring multiple editions of "Failure Analysis for Metals," a key reference in the field. His recent research projects include technical reviews and failure analyses of turbine nozzle erosion, bellows specimens, heat-affected parts by fire for LNG tanks, and various other metal components. His notable publications delve into hydrogen-induced cracks in stainless steel, stress corrosion cracking propagation, and microstructural changes in cladding materials.

Accolades and Recognition

Prof. Choe's expertise in metallurgical engineering has earned him significant recognition. He serves as the Chairman of the KGS Code Committee at the Korea Gas Safety Corporation and has been the Vice President of Technology at the Korea Institute of Metals and Materials. His technical expertise is frequently sought after for accident investigations by the Korea Gas Safety Corporation and the Forensic Investigation Advisory Committee of the National Police Agency, Korea.

Impact and Influence

Prof. Choe's impact on the field of metallurgical engineering is profound. His research on failure analysis has advanced the understanding of how metals behave under stress and corrosive environments, particularly in high-temperature applications. His work on hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking has provided valuable insights that have influenced both academic research and industrial practices. His role as an educator and mentor has also shaped the careers of numerous engineers and researchers in the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Prof. Choe's legacy is marked by his dedication to advancing metallurgical engineering through rigorous research, comprehensive education, and practical industry applications. His ongoing research projects and patents, such as the defect inspection device for tubes and the exhaust gas purification device, highlight his continuous contributions to solving real-world engineering problems. As he continues to lead research and mentor the next generation of engineers, Prof. Choe's future contributions are expected to further the field of failure analysis and metallurgical engineering, ensuring the safety and reliability of metal components in various industries.


Notable Publications

Effect of metastable precipitate phase transformation on reheat cracking in SS347H welding 2024

The effect of TCP-σ precipitates on surface pitting and cracking in a Ni-based superalloy turbine blade 2024 (1)

Effect of High Temperature Oxidation on Surface Pit and Recrystallization of Directionally Solidified CM247LC Superalloy in Creep Gauge 2023 (1)

Hydrogen Induced Cracks in Stainless Steel 304 in Hydrogen Pressure and Stress Corrosive Atmosphere 2020 (5)

Analysis of Stress Corrosion Cracking Propagation of SS304 Stainless Steel Using Crack Shape and Etch Pits 2020 (2)





Byunghak Choe | Materials Science |Best Researcher Award