Ms. Ruichao Yang | Computer Science | Best Researcher Award

Hong Kong Baptist University | Hong Kong

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Early Academic Pursuits

Ruichao Yang's academic journey began at Jilin University, where he excelled in computer science, ranking 6th out of 342 students. His early involvement in competitions showcased his analytical skills and creativity. He participated in the "Certification Cup" National College Students Mathematical Modeling Network Challenge, earning the third prize for calculating the optimal web predation area.

Professional Endeavors

After completing his bachelor's degree, Ruichao gained hands-on experience at Microsoft China as an intern and later as a software engineer. His roles involved training the QBR model for an online keyword matching system, restructuring the advertising business MSM system, and building a health condition concerns knowledge graph. His proficiency in programming languages, data structures, and algorithms enhanced his contributions to the projects.

Contributions and Research Focus

Ruichao's contributions at Microsoft included improving ad matching systems, increasing revenue, and implementing anomaly detection models. His work involved restructuring advertising business systems, enriching entities in the health domain, and reducing bad Q-K ratios. His research focused on improving ad relevance, recall, and revenue through innovative approaches, including machine learning models and knowledge graph development.

Accolades and Recognition

Ruichao Yang received prestigious awards during his academic journey, including the National Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, and being recognized as a Merit Student at Peking University. His participation in the "Certification Cup" Mathematical Modeling Challenge and other competitions showcased his dedication and excellence.

Impact and Influence

Ruichao's impact is evident in the advancements made in Microsoft's advertising systems. His innovative approaches led to improvements in ad matching accuracy, revenue increase, and the development of anomaly detection models. His work significantly influenced the efficiency and performance of online advertising systems.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Ruichao Yang's legacy lies in his contributions to the field of computer science and online advertising. His focus on enhancing ad systems and leveraging advanced technologies demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement. As he moves forward, his future contributions are anticipated to further shape the landscape of online advertising and information retrieval.

Notable Publications

CoTea: Collaborative teaching for low-resource named entity recognition with a divide-and-conquer strategy 2024

Towards Fine-Grained Reasoning for Fake News Detection 2021

A Unified Contrastive Transfer Framework with Propagation Structure for Boosting Low-Resource Rumor Detection  2023



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